Entry #7

Been a Long time NG.....

2015-04-18 00:17:00 by TheDeadMan69

Oh my god its been forever, egoraptor made game grumps, youtube became a celebrity generator. 4chan is in the dirt (for me at least) figured id share my album, you can listen to it on Bandcamp (i might post the mp3's if theres any kind of response) or buy it if you reeeeeeeeally like it (i doubt that) for 4 bucks (includes the first track we did to start the album as a bonus track). I know yall love to troll, but listen to at least the first track before you pass judgement. If you really dont like it and give me a reason, ill ask you track for track my shit transgressions. I miss newgrounds, it'd be nice to have my movement start here.


Enjoy if you can....

Keepin' It Grounds,

PS: my handle on the album is Key, if you hear Key rap, thats my voice, also most of the hooks are done by me, Remedy is a contributing artist and Medicine Les is the producer, if you have buisness for him, feel free to message me here, 3-day turnaround at the most (based on my schedule).


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